Diablo III Game review

Diablo III Game review

Within the first twenty four hours of its release, Diablo III sold over three and a half million copies. This set a new record and established this action video game as the best selling PC game of 2012. Set twenty years after the events in Diablo II, Diablo III takes place in the fantasy world of the Diablo series called Sanctuary. The plot of the game centers around Deckerd Cain, his niece Leah, and events that transpire after they go to Tristram Cathedral to seek out old, ancient texts that contain a prophecy. Players can choose to role-play an array of characters from five character classes. Read More →

NCAA 14 Overview

NCAA 14 Overview

NCAA 14 (video game) Overview
Fans of NCAA football can enjoy playing the game themselves with the latest release in the video game franchise. EA’s latest release, NCAA 14, is available for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. NCAA 14 features Denard Robinson, the former quarterback for the University of Michigan. One thing to keep in mind with this game is that it will be the last NCAA game that EA releases because the association will no longer allow the video game developer to use the name or logo in new games. Read More →

New Video Editing App for Android – Video Light.

New Video Editing App for Android – Video Light.

App Review For Google Play Store – Video Light

App Name – Video Light

Price - $0.99 

Release Date 30/8/2014

The world loves sharing, and when it comes to sharing there’s nothing more viral than photos or video.

Sure, well written and captivating blog posts are shared as well, but nowhere near the extent of photos and more importantly video. 

What's driving this is technology. The average persons phone is usually a smartphone like an Apple iPhone or a Samsung. These phones are absolute powerhouses, and it is amazing how far they have come in the last couple of years. They can now process immense amounts of data and it is this that has resulted in a video sharing boom!

It has never been easier to share video, one click from the phone and it is up online for the world to see. You can also edit vision on your mobile phone now. In the past this recorded media would have had to have been moved from the phone to a computer with a capable editing system such as iMovie or a more advanced software solution. These days however, mobile phones are so powerful that the person recording the video has the opportunity to edit and change the look of the video within the phone. 

VIDEO LIGHT from LightLeakLove is an Android app that does just that. 

light leaks for video editing platforms like Final Cut Pro

It is a video editing application that allows you to add light leaks to your videos. Light leaks are are a special type of effect for video. They consist of video files that you overlay over other footage. Once the screen mode is changed, your original footage can take on a very different and more interesting look. Consider this app the instagram of video, it is that popular.

Within the mobile phone app you can change the colour of the light leak, you can change the way it blends with the layers below. Want more pink? All you have to do is toggle with the hue and saturation, and voila, the image will have more of a pink edge to it.

If the light leak used doesn’t match the footage or is in the wrong place, simply use the filp/flop command and that will help you out immensely. The Video Light collection also allows you to add a tint to the whole piece. For instance if you are going for that old vintage look you could set the tint colour to something bronze and shiny and this will help you to deliver the result you are after.

So why would people use this app?

People would use this app over others when they are trying to create a sense of style, class and craftsmanship around the video. It can be used for cat videos too, don’t get me wrong, but it definitely works well on semi professional titles (even if the footage was originally filmed on a phone).

What operating system is this new app on? IOS or Android?

The answer is Android! 

So there you have it, an industry leading video editing app for Android is waiting to be downloaded. Get out there, shoot goals and most importantly download the app and try it for yourselves.

The Privilege of Using Technology

The Privilege of Using Technology

Now with the latest in technology and many different hi-tech gadgets on the market children and adults are privileged to be able to do just about anything on their phones. You can download the latest mobile apps or play games online for free. You can also shop for games to play and apps to use at any time of the day. My children spend most of the weekend playing games on our carpeted floor. Since my children spend a lot of time playing on the floor I am sure to purchase the best floor cleaner to get rid of all dirt and pet dander. As a parent it is my responsibility to make sure the house is clean and my children stay allergy free, so I use my vacuum cleaner for pet hair to get at that hard to reach dog hair.

Breaking the Mold from Classic to the Modern Era of Gaming

Online games have evolved and become more accessible to both children and adults. Several years ago I remember playing arcade games and spending around twenty dollars in coins just to play Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Bros. There was an extensive array of games for children as well as grown-ups. Several of the games got great reviews years ago and today still remain among the most favored games. Looking back to now with the increase and demand for more games, technology has overtaken the world and people don’t even have to go out to the arcade shop to play arcade games or even go shopping at the local game store for their favorite games.

The Feasibility of Online Gaming

Online gaming has made games more accessible for gamers to hop online and download games into their PCs, laptops and even phones. It is like a magical experience where at the click of your touch pad or touch of your phone screen you can have access to the best games. There are simple arcade games where you challenge the computer or you can play against another player. Then you also have online games with a multiplayer option that allows multiple players to play the same game, at the same time, in different locations for free. You can even form a little virtual community and wherever you stop playing for the day you can save your game to continue the following the day. Other games can be bought on discs and can be used to play opposing players via your laptop, PC or game console as long as you have internet service. You can also buy these apps and download them into your computer or your mobile phone.

Consequences to Breaching Policies of Online Gaming

A friend of mine told me that there are consequences to getting involved with the virtual online community. Often times these online gamers get involved in risky behavior and breach the rules and regulations of the gaming system and may break into others privacy. Linking up with strangers you may not know could also be risky. It is essential that children as well as adults understand the repercussions of engaging in unruly behavior online and that they keep themselves safe.

Is Gaming For A Living Possible?

Is Gaming For A Living Possible?

How would you like to have a full-time job playing video games? Sounds unreal? Maybe not. On today’s post we’re going to be talking about just that topic.

Anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 3 years will have heard of a video streaming service called Twitch tv.

The site has exploded in popularity having spun out of justin.tv in 2011 and incrediby Amazon recently bought the company for a staggering 970 million dollars.

For those of you who have never heard of it, streamers play video games and eSports whilst chatting and adding commentary to their gameplay.

It’s a bit like getting your mates round for a game of Fifa or Call of Duty except the numbers involved are sometimes exceptional. It’s not uncommon to see spotty kids with tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers!

These large viewing figures don’t just mean popularity and fame for the broadcaster, thanks to a share in the advertising revenue popular streamers can also earn a significant income.

In fact, there are a growing number of gamers working full time online. Let’s take a look at how they do it.

To get started streaming you’ll need to overcome a few hurdles. A fast upload speed on your broadband connection is essential and you’ll need a reasonably powerful pc for capture and encoding too.

To record your voice you’ll need at least a headset but many people do prefer a desktop microphone. If you do go down that route I suggest you check out this guide to USB microphones as it will help you pick the best USB mic for the job and probably save you money sine you don’t need a top of the range model.

For those of you that want a little more flexibility then a separate audio interface is recommended. There is some great advice for gamers on Arnold Clavell’s digital audio with regard to this. This option is probably best for people who also have an interest in recording music or creating podcasts.

You’ll also probably want to get a decent Web Cam. While built in cams have improved a lot in recent years dedicated models will capture full HD video. Personally I like logitech the most and I recommend you check them out first.

Before you even start streaming you should of course spend some time watching some streams. Find some people that seem to know what they are doing and observe carefully. You can learn a lot. I also suggest checking out some people with low viewing numbers. Is there anything you can see that they are doing wrong.

Building a successful audience is all about showcasing your personality. That’s the thing that some people don’t get about Twitch, it’s a site about gamers as much as it’s a site about games.

One good piece of advice is to avoid concentrating your efforts solely on viewer numbers. Don’t be a douche bag. Basically anything that would be a turn off in the real world is going to be a turn off online. And if people don’t like you they won’t want to watch your feed.

Despite being awash with technology, at the end of the line it all boils down to fundamentally human interaction.

Significance of Online Gaming


The computer era came with numerous technological advancements. Some are good while others are bad. Among these advancements is the online gaming technology which has gained so much popularity that (as a matter of fact) it should be declared practically mandatory. Over the years, the world of online gaming has continually developed to be all about community. These are gaming communities which come as a result of the establishment of a particular type of game. In the recent past they have proven to be very powerful, profitable and at the same time extremely fragile.

Studies and research show that online gaming is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment surpassing the achievements of other forms of entertainment such as full-length feature films in terms of the revenue raised. The availability of computer networking systems (Often the internet) is the backbone of this sector. This has changed how relationships are developed and maintained.

Online games come in different forms ranging from simple text based computer games to other sophisticated games which incorporate complex computer graphics. These come with virtual worlds populated with many players playing simultaneously. There are thousands of online games in the market today. Each of these games has a specific online community which it attracts. This makes these game true social activities that surpass the single player games.

The online games are a perfect platform to make your skills sharp. Just recently I have been preparing for a hunting trip. I searched for all the information that I needed on hunting as a skill. I landed on the Hunting Nerds website where I learned about the various equipment I needed to make my hunting a successful experience. I also needed to perfect my hunting skills virtually before embarking on the real hunting mission. I knew one sure way to achieve this was to find an online hunting game where I would grab the opportunity to sharpen my skills. I found great games such as Duck Shooter and Bow Hunter which trained me how to use the various riffle scopes available in the real world today.

Despite the entertainment and the visual effects associated with online gaming, most parents discourage their children from playing online games because they fear that their children will be addicted to it. Just like heroin addiction, online gaming can make you spend awful lots of hours in front of your screen in the name of a tournament. This affects ones learning attitude and can make you skip classes or lack concentration in your studies. Teenagers who frequently associate with violent internet gaming can acquire undesirable aggressive characters as a result of playing these games.

How can we prevent online gaming addictions? This has everything to do with character development and self-control. Parents need to self-educate themselves on the cause, symptoms and treatments of the online games addiction. Subsequently, Parents need to regulate the internet usage for their children. With that in mind, online gaming will not only entertain us but will also provide a platform to raise revenue.

Pokémon Snap Making a Comeback (Sort of)

Pokémon Snap Making a Comeback (Sort of)

Do you remember the game, Pokémon Snap? An iconic Nintendo 64 game whereby the player went on an adventure and took pictures of Pokémon. I promise you it was a lot more fun then what it sounds like! You had to try and take pictures of all the rare Pokémon and they weren’t easy to find. I remember spending hours trying to find Mewtwo just so I could brag to my friends that I got one of the rarest Pokémon on film. You had to be able to identify different tracks and trails that the Pokémon would leave behind and what environments you could best find them in. That was part of the fun too being able to become a “skilled tracker” and know which tracks to follow and which ones to avoid because you already had found that Pokémon. If you never played it go dust off the N64 sitting in your brother’s closet and have some fun! But if you want a similar experience with hyper realistic gameplay, unparalleled graphics, and a seemingly endless world of opportunities then you should keep your eyes out for Game Tracker Hunting Simulator.

Game Tracker Hunting Simulator is following the wave of the many simulator games that have come out on the market in the past year. While it is still in beta it already has shown great potential. As a player you can choose where you would like to start hunting at, North America, Africa, etc. Once you choose you start out in your home base with some basic equipment and the object of the game is to be able to track and hunt some any number of animals. But you can’t just walk into the woods and start blasting away, you have to start out small at first. You only have the equipment at first to be able to go after small game, (rabbits, squirrels, foxes etc.) As your character gains more experience and gain more money from turning in pelts or meat you can unlock more equipment and go after bigger game. One of the highlights of the game for me was that in order to hunt a lot of the larger game you had to track the animals and learn where they like to congregate. You have to have a little bit of outdoor knowledge or learn as you go. You can look at the ground for prints and scat (animal poop) and try and identify your prey. If you have the money u can set up game trail cameras to stake out your prey and take pictures and video of the larger animals and learn when they come by so that you can wait and take them out. In fact there is rumored that if u leave the camera up in certain spots u can unlock bonus quests to go after legendary creatures like Big Foot or you might get a snapshot of a Dinosaur thought extinct.

Now I know you are thinking I thought you said that this is a hyper realistic simulator? Oh it is! It is really difficult! It can take a good 3o minutes to an hour to follow a game trail back to where the animal actually is. You have to know what ammo and what gun to use for taking down different animals. You have to know what cameras to use for different environments to get the best pictures. I actually checked on this one to see if the developers did their research. I went to www.gametrailcameraguide.com to look at the different brands and types of cameras and what they recommend purchasing and then cross checked the game for how they said the cameras should be best used and they lined up! These guys really did an amazing job making sure that the game was a very real experience. You can almost smell the bear poop! But they also left the game fun and enjoyable. Especially when you work for an hour setting up a camera and stalking the location and you get a picture of a massive brown bear or a 16 point buck or even maybe a blurry image of some unknown creature. It harkens back to the days of running around in the world of Pokémon trying to catch rare and hard to get shots of Pokémon so I could brag to my friends about my collection. Now I just log on and share my Steam achievements and say, “hey look! Yeah I got a picture Big Foot. What do you have noob?”

Game Tracker Hunting Simulator has an expected release date for early 2015 and an open beta phase coming later this winter. If you like hunting sims then keep your eye out for this one!

The reason why Disney Infinity 2.0 will revolutionise the gaming industry forever

The reason why Disney Infinity 2.0 will  revolutionise the gaming industry forever

It’s been almost a year since Disney Interactive launched their toys to life game ‘Disney Infinity’ and in this time we have seen the brand grow in to a business worth over $500 million.

If you have yet to play Disney Infinity, or haven’t even heard of the game yet then where have you been? Only joking, but seriously this game is absolutely massive and is quickly growing in to the best selling Children’s toy & a huge competitor to the original toys to life game Skylanders, by Activision.

Disney Infinity brings physical plastic mould toys of your favourite Disney characters such as Mr Incredible & Captain Jack Sparrow and allows you to play your favourite characters through the virtual game on your gaming console. This works through a simple yet effective Disney Infinity base which interacts with the plastic mould toy through a small NFC chip located in the bottom of the plastic figurine.

Overall, a very clever and effective concept of taking two completely different Children’s toy markets and combining them in to one highly lucrative, massively fun game.

What makes Disney Infinity 2.0 so different?

Disney Infinity 2.0 takes the fundamental gaming infrastructure that Disney Interactive developed in the original game, and builds on it! With the game comes two different game modes, these are Playsets & Toy Box mode.

The Playsets mode in 2.0 has been improved to allow for more free-play, the maps have been expanded significantly, the story line and missions have been developed with a lot more care and attention to detail.

The Toy Box mode in 2.0 has been revolutionised, a skill tree has been added for each character allowing you to choose from various different skills to level, which will affect your character in many different ways. There has also been a huge improvement in the tools available, it’s looking more and more like Photoshop for kids, than it is an actual game.

Overall both sides of the game have been improved in ways which keep the gamers attention, expands on their creativity and imagination and gives them the freedom to really do what ever they want, which was the sole purpose of Disney Infinity in the first place.

We are exstatic about Disney Infinity 2.0 and from what we have seen so far, the game is going to be a huge hit. The second game in the series launches with a completely new range of characters, brought to you by the guys at Marvel which includes ‘The Avengers’, ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ & ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ all of which are huge hits internationally and have become massive household names.

To conclude, Disney Infinity 2.0 will be launching on the 23rd September 2014 and will include the Starter Pack which retails for $74.99 and includes The Avengers Playset and 3 awesome characters (Thor, Black Widow & Ironman. Also, on launch day you will be able to purchase several single figures including Iron Fist, Captain America & Venom, there will also be a completely new set of Power Discs.

You can preorder your Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack from most retailers including Amazon, Target, Best Buy & Walmart and most come with a preorder offer which usually includes a free Disney Infinity 2.0 character!

That’s all from us today, enjoy gaming!

4 Reasons Speed Runs is Making a Comeback


For those who may not know already, speed running in a video game is the art and science of getting through the game in the fastest time possible. It’s a fun way to beat the game using the best skill and most efficient techniques. Speed running is not meant for the first time gameplay of a video game. While sure, you can attempt to speed run through a new game, it will not be nearly as efficient than your second time around because you’ll already have a handle on the material. Plus, speed running requires lots of skipping scenes and talking, and first time around its nice to know the background story and cut scene moments a bit.

While speed running used to be a trend in earlier games, its starting to make a comeback as more speed running friendly games are being on the market. With games like Doom, Quake, Super Mario series, and Zelda which all came out in the 90s, gamers speed ran through the game to demonstrate their skill and precision.

Here are 4 reasons why Speed Runs is Making a Comeback:

Watching a Speed Run in Amazing

If you haven’t seen a speed run of a game before, stop what you’re doing and watch a Youtube clip or something. It’s amazing how fast these gamers and players can go through levels, maps, and floors all by utilizing their best gamer skills. You’ll quickly feel more and more stupid for spends minutes and even hours on certain levels in games.

The 90s are in Style

We tend to have this fascination of slightly older trends and style. We are realizing more and more of how awesome the 90s were and transferring some of the 90s lifestyle onto our lives today. 90s video games were physically simple yet extremely challenging. Most modern games did not share the same format and style as 90s games, however this is changing as app games are becoming more popular as a form of entertainment.

Utilizing the Best Skills of Gaming

These gamers that are speedrunning through games have gone through the map to figure out the best way to get from point a to point b. They have tested every weapon to see which is the most efficient and successful. They even have watched for glitches and used them to their advantage. That’s impressive, impressionable skill!

Fun Challenge

We’re in a stage of society where we want results now, so it’s extremely challenging and fun to get the end result as quickly as possible. Use a watch or stopwatch to calculate what is taking up the most time and needs to be cut down. Record your time with the watch and share with your fellow gamers!

Minecraft: A Game For All Ages

Minecraft: A Game For All Ages

It is quite obvious that the millions of users that log onto this minecraft forum every day love the game that they play. If you browse around here a little bit it may be hard to decipher exactly what Minecraft is all about. There are many different variations of the game created by individuals like you and that is what makes Minecraft one of our favorite games of 2014. This type of game is known as a sandbox where players are given the tools to create anything that they can dream up. They more or less have the power of the game developers themselves to build fantastic worlds and code incredible game play experiences.

As you can see there are many different types of servers and all of them are created by the players. Some servers are just friends who enjoy setting up specific game types and others are large enterprises that have built enormous infrastructures with many different styles of games inside of them that handle thousands of users simultaneously. This is mostly due to the fact that Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, does not actually run any of the servers where you can play the game. You must either host a server locally on your computer or find an online server to connect to. Should you be interested in creating your own online Minecraft hub where all of your friends can join you to play, it is recommended that you look into minecraft server hosting from Apex. This is what makes the game great as there is no standard for what you can and can’t do inside of the game. You can completely create your own set of rules if you are running your own server.

Minecraft is great for adults and children alike. There are not many advanced commands necessary and the input controls are very basic which helps most of the older crowd to be able to play the game. It is an excellent way to spend time with your kids and challenge their minds through video games. There are two completely different aspects to the game which often overlap.

The first will invoke their creativity by requiring that they build a world out of blocks. This will help with multiple skills as they will need to plan out, and then execute their design one block at a time. It may sound tedious, but it is really quite fun and people have created amazing structures with these blocks. It is important that you are accurate in placing the blocks so it is recommended that you use an effective input device like this best gaming mouse at this website. Trying to play on a laptop with a trackpad would not be such a pleasant experience.

The second utilizes problem solving skills as there are different combinations of items that will combine and result in something stronger. Each of these pieces can be considered part of a puzzle that will be used to survive in the game. You all will need to devise and improvise on what you can find in the unique worlds to get away from all of the Creepers and other monsters that roam around.

With all of this thinking required, Minecraft is a very constructive game that develops the mind of youngsters and even challenges adults. This is why we highly recommend purchasing the game regardless of your age or enjoyment of the traditional video game.

App Review For Men Seeking Help Selecting Cologne


Finding a selection of popular, best cologne products for men has never been easier, thanks to the newest mobile app Couture Cologne for iOS, Android and Windows based smartphones. Brought to smartphone users from the wildly successful company Vittoria II, this functional, easy to use app helps men determine their personal scent profile, recommends perfectly matched men’s colognes and even provides samples and discount opportunities for full size bottle purchases. Discovering fragrance has never been more enjoyable.

Personal scent profile
The Couture Cologne App helps the user find out which families of fragrance best match their personality by providing a quick, enjoyable quiz. The quiz results provide best cologne suggestions and is even tailored to the user at the ingredient level so that men can avoid any synthetic or natural components that their skin may react unfavorably too. This quiz calculates the results by determining details that are most appealing to the user including: colors, aromas, activities, music and entertainment. If the gentleman selects answers such as: Jewel tones, fresh air, sea spray and citrus, scuba diving and innovative cooking, good old rock and roll, and traveling to new places, it results in “Spicy and Chypre blends” to best suit him.

Fragrance families
The best cologne for men choices are categorized into separate fragrance families including:
• Traditional
• Modern
• Men versus women specific scents
The fragrance industry also utilizes a fragrance wheel that classifies scents to demonstrate relationships between the five standard categories of floral, oriental, woody, fougere and fresh. Fresh is the modern choice, while the first four selections fall under the traditional category.

The difference between oil-based scents and synthetics
Science has provided synthetic colognes that give off many delicious scents. These fragrance varieties utilize around three thousand different ingredients to create a variety of choices for men’s cologne. Natural products are derived mostly from essential oil combinations yet, skin reactions can occur with both versions, so testing cologne on a small area of the skin will provide not only assurance that the product will work well with your body chemistry, but also that the scent will smell the way you want it to, once applied.

Cologne basics
The Couture Cologne App for men helps ensure that every guy is successful in selecting their perfect complimentary scent. Moreover, it helps identify several fragrances that can be mixed and matched to allow a man to present himself appropriately no matter time of day, occasion or attire that the cologne will accessorize. After the app identifies and matches cologne products, it will bring the user to an application screen with additional information on:
• When to wear cologne
More than one cologne is appropriate since daytime and nightlife encompass different moods and atmospheres entirely. Evening colognes are more spicy and sultry, while daytime colognes can be fresher and more clean scented.
• Where to apply cologne
Cologne application is incredibly strategic. While the face and chin area are automatically appealing choices for fragrance, spraying it into the chest area is the best location because it allows the cologne to mix with personal pheromones and waft towards the collar area for a subtle enhancement.
• How much cologne to wear
Sparse application of cologne behind each ear and a quick spray to the torso area is the perfect amount of cologne for men. The cologne will mix with personal body chemistry for delightful results when applied in this manner.

Samples and discounts
This great app also partners with major, well known men’s cologne manufactures and large online retail sites to provide app users with the best pricing, free shipping options and even deluxe size samples. Discovering fragrance has never been more enjoyable or user friendly. This application also uses GPS smartphone details to search promotions at nearby retailers and alert the user through notifications when shopper perks and promotions are available. Saving money and having the best cologne for men products at your fingertips is what sets this app apart from any other consumer tool out there.

Cologne, when selected and applied correctly can be a polishing finish. Now men can utilize this great new app so that they are matched with the best cologne for men and understand the basics of cologne application. Having a tool that makes wearing cologne a successful endeavor is great, and it allows men to now be an expert scent wearer.

Crazy Dentist Game – Can Kids Learn and Have Fun At the Same Time?

Crazy Dentist Game – Can Kids Learn and Have Fun At the Same Time?

Crazy Dentist is an app game focused around the operational procedures of a dentist. It takes many of the truths of the dentist profession and crosses them into crazy and imaginative concepts. The end result is a game that’s pretty fun, but not so serious about educating kids on proper dental hygiene.

Is Crazy Dentist Educational?

In a world where teaching hygiene to kids is akin to teaching cats to not scratch things, finding hope from an app game is a bit of a long shot. That’s okay though, not every game has to be both fun and educational. There is always a place for educational apps, but it’s usually not in your child’s game-based app.

3Dentist is a great alternative if you’re looking for something that’s more educational than fun. Of course, the app-style presentation may be just entertaining enough that your child will actually pay attention. This app is pretty straightforward and is often used in the midst of a dental hygienist training a patient.

Is Crazy Dentist Fun?

The Google Play store ranks this game as 3.8 out of 5 stars, which is a pretty good rating. Reviews generally support the fun-factor for this game. Although, “fun” is always relative to an individual’s personal interests and preferences.

The general consensus sides with Crazy Dentist being a fun game, but without longevity. Many stated their interest disappeared after playing it half a dozen times. However, the mini games kept a lot of players interested and the coins you earn from these games do support a bit of play-through.

Is Crazy Dentist Secretly Influential for Kids?

If anything is taken away from this analysis, it should be what’s about to get covered.

Crazy Dentist has two perks to it that many do not realize.

1 – Playing this game gives kids insight on dental procedures that aren’t very pleasant to endure. Seeing the different pieces of equipment and using them to operate on the patient may be enough to scare your kid straight. It’s a long shot, but if anything, it could influence your child to be more pro-active when it comes to practicing proper dental hygiene.

2 – Kids also get the chance to get a feel for what it’s like to be a dentist. Extreme measures are used at times, but the gameplay is pretty respectful in regards to the most basic components. The tools are realistic to what’s typically used by a dentist, which is the most important part. A child can get some insight on what each of the tools do without the gory graphics. It may be a kick-start onto a path towards a career in dentistry, you never know.

Conclusion: Does Crazy Dentist Have a Purpose?

No, this game does not have a purpose – and that’s okay!

The game is free, so players have nothing to lose by giving it a chance.

If nothing else, it will provide 10 minutes of amusement before it gets boring. There are still many indirect benefits that may be taken away. Mostly, in regards to getting your child to have some firsthand visuals relating to dental hygiene.

Who knows, maybe the man-child in you falls for your own little trap and ends up wanting to switch over to a career in dentistry. If that far-fetched possibility comes to light, you can begin your search for dental hygienist schools in your area. Still, don’t let your teeth cleaning, coloring, and pulling experience in Crazy Dentist sway you into more school debt – unless you have a passionate interest, of course!

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