Diablo III Game review

Diablo III Game review

Within the first twenty four hours of its release, Diablo III sold over three and a half million copies. This set a new record and established this action video game as the best selling PC game of 2012. Set twenty years after the events in Diablo II, Diablo III takes place in the fantasy world of the Diablo series called Sanctuary. The plot of the game centers around Deckerd Cain, his niece Leah, and events that transpire after they go to Tristram Cathedral to seek out old, ancient texts that contain a prophecy. Players can choose to role-play an array of characters from five character classes. Read More →

NCAA 14 Overview

NCAA 14 Overview

NCAA 14 (video game) Overview
Fans of NCAA football can enjoy playing the game themselves with the latest release in the video game franchise. EA’s latest release, NCAA 14, is available for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. NCAA 14 features Denard Robinson, the former quarterback for the University of Michigan. One thing to keep in mind with this game is that it will be the last NCAA game that EA releases because the association will no longer allow the video game developer to use the name or logo in new games. Read More →

Titanfall Review


Titanfall, the most anticipated game in recent times, was finally released on the Xbox One and is now being released on the Xbox 360 as well. My first impressions of the first person shooter are positive. The game makers have tried something different with no single player campaign to speak of and only online multiplayer gaming included. It was a risky move, as we all saw what happened with the Sim City launch (it was an unmitigated disaster), well luckily Microsoft got on their weight bench and did the heavy lifting with ease. There were a few setbacks initially however insiders say that Titanfall was not responsible for that server outage, it was more of an unfortunate co incidence.

The game play itself is fluid. You have two main characters that you can choose to play as the nimble Pilots or the massive hulking Titans. Respawn, the game makers have treaded that fine line where they did not give too much advantage to any one of the two. There are parts of the map where the Titans are simply too large to reach, effectively limiting the Titan’s range of movement. The Titan’s are also much slower to move although a single blow is enough to crush the life out of a pilot.

The Pilots make up in speed what they lose in size. They have amazing parkour ability that basically leaves no area of the map unreachable. They can scale buildings easily and with speed.

So far what I have described is well executed however, nothing that has not been seen in other first person shooters. Where Titanfall excels is allowing the Pilots to call on the Titans once the necessary points have been racked up and then allowing them to jump out of it if they feel the need to at a moment’s notice.

This gives the game a fluidity that is really new and refreshing.

Another thing, Titanfall has been made keeping the ‘average gamer’ in mind. That means you don’t have to practice for hours to get good at kills. Its as easy as riding a kid scooter. That may anger the diehard first person shooter, but by lowering the entry level skill required for the game they have made it accessible to a much larger percentage of the gamer population.

Seeing as the same team was responsible for ‘Call of Duty’ franchise, there were some similarities. There is a very similar method and pathway for up gradation of weapons although the selection is nowhere near as vast. However, it would be unfair to label this game a rehashed version of call of duty with robots as has been reported in some sections of the press.

All in all, Titanfall does not look to do anything revolutionary or totally new. It is still however a different and fun take on the first person genre. The game is probably the most well made and thrilling game that I have played in years. I actually played it for so many hours straight, that I had to use my weight bench so I can do some muscle stretching in between game pauses.

This could very well provide the boost that Microsoft is looking at for its gaming system.

Review of House Building Apps


If you fancy taking on the role of a real estate mogul like these guys

Buying up below market average houses, upgrading them and then adding a few local attractions to get the tenants in, then there are some good house building apps and games available.

Build A Lot

On the Google play store, you can pick up Build-A-Lot, which is the classic house building strategy came. It has a range of different neighbourhoods to choose from and allows you to build, buy and sell properties.

You can build up cash quite quickly then add in attractions like a cinema to get a movie star to move in or an ice rink to bring the Olympics. The game is free to download and has great graphics along with two play modes; career and casual.

Build-A-Lot 2;
Town of the Year is the next in the series and sees you being given a series of assignments from the locals to develop their town. These can be from building new homes to improving the appeal of the town and the faster you complete the tasks, the better score you get. New goals come along as you progress along with new types of buildings. It has the same high quality graphics as the original and is still free.

Build-A-Lot 3:Passport to Europe is the newest game in the franchise and sees the same elements as the previous games as well as the new development where you travel across European countries such as Spain and Switzerland to work on town improvement. You still build houses and develop the towns to complete tasks and different locations have specialist buildings such as English cottages, Swiss chalets and Spanish haciendas.

New developments also include removing dilapidated buildings, refurbishing rental properties to improve housing and having work affected by weather conditions such as snow and rain. There are even a few crises which happen to add a little spice to the game.

Live Interior 3D Free

If you like to have a bit of fun with the computer but also want something a little more serious, then check out Live Interior on the Windows Store. This is a powerful home and interior designer programme which can be great if you are renovating your home and want to look at some ideas before committing. It can also be useful for students in property training courses to try out some of the theories they are learning.

You create details 2D floor plans with over 1200 objects and 1500 materials and then render them into a 3D visual to let you look around the rooms. You can even play around with lighting settings to see how fixtures work and build up to two story buildings with a loft, as well. The images can be shared via the
Windows Sharing Feature as well if you want to show off your work or grab a second opinion.


These are just a couple of the variations of house and home builders on the different free markets.

Whether you are looking for a simple bit of fun or something a little more technical and real life, there are some great free apps for you.

The Best Car Smashing Monster Truck Mobile App


A friend of mine recently asked me about monster truck games available on the app store. She is throwing him a birthday party with a monster truck theme and wants a cool video game that he can play on his iPad. Lucky for her there are some cool games out there for just such an occasion. So without any further ado here is my pick for the best Monster Truck mayhem for mobile apps. Monster Truck Destruction by Chillingo Ltd. This game is awesome with 30 different vehicles to choose from including the well-known Bigfoot. This game allows you to compete in races similar to the ones you see at Monster Jam or compete in freestyle events that wow the crowds with destruction and stunts.

The game does offer In-App purchases where you can unlock various trucks and levels, however if you are a serious player you can unlock everything just by playing, and playing well. The game features a garage where you can upgrade your monster truck with the winnings you receive from competing in various races and freestyle events. The upgrades include better engines, intakes, transmissions, suspension and exhaust. The upgrades enhance your trucks ability to jump farther and smash better. Speaking of smashing the developer has done a decent job with the graphics, especially for a mobile app. You can smash busses, drive through RV’s, destroy signs and of course smash cars. Not only does the game allow you to obliterate everything in the arena, hard game play will result in your truck loosing tires and sustaining damage as well.

The game offers drag races against an AI opponent, a freestyle event where you can smash everything in your way all while performing incredible stunts and a championship series where you can claim the title. There is also an unlimited practice mode where you hone your smashing skills. The game has realistic physics programming that allows your truck to slide, roll, bounce and drift realistically.

As of the date of this article the game has over 13,000 reviews whit an overall rating of 4 and a half starts out of a possible 5 which is impressive. I went through some of the reviews to see what people were saying. Most of the reviews were very positive. Most people want more trucks, specifically Grave Digger. A person can upgrade to a different truck for only .99 cents however some of the newer trucks like Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction are not currently available.

The initial download is free, for a limited time on the App Store. It requires IOS 4.3 or later and can be played on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to the developer the game is optimized for iPhone 5. I tested this game on an iPad generation 4. The game play is smooth and I must admit it’s a keeper. The developer states that it is intended for ages 4+, however my three year old took to it right away. As a matter of fact it’s all he wants to play now!

Pilates teacher training courses company loses 60k to staff playing Elder Scrolls Online

Pilates teacher training courses company loses 60k to staff playing Elder Scrolls Online

The livid boss of a UK fitness company that provides Pilates qualifications described yesterday how his business lost £40,000 (about $66,560) of income over the months of February and March because his staff had been spending all of their working hours playing Elder Scrolls Online instead of performing their usual tasks.

The South-London office of Discovery Learning, a fitness vocational training company that provides personal trainer courses and Pilates instructor courses, is normally a busy place of work in which the thirteen full-time staff members are constantly on the phone selling fitness courses to men and women interested in pursuing careers in health and fitness.

Recently however, the staff became distracted and abandoned their duties to spend days at a time playing the pre-order version of a recently released online role-playing adventure video game, resulting in a huge decline in the number of courses sold.

The game in question, Elder Scrolls Online, is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. It is part of the Elder Scrolls series of video games which has been one of the most popular video game series in the world for over ten years.

It is the first title in the series that can be played online with other players instead of only by oneself as a single player, allowing friends to play and adventure together in a digital fantasy world, which is reportedly what the staff of Discovery were doing all day when their director was out of the office.

“It all began in early February,” said Nicholas Brody, managing director of Discovery. “We were going through a very bad sales patch. Hardly any of our Discovery Pilates teacher training courses were selling and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. They’re the best Pilates courses in all of England.”

“What first made me suspect that something was amiss with my staff was actually a dog. I spend a lot of time out of the main office at the Discovery UK personal trainer courses Nottingham academy. Whenever I returned to the office, this little Chihuahua dog called Alfie who belonged to one of my sales team would be sitting outside the entrance. Whenever he saw me, he would bark loudly as if trying to warn a home owner about an intruder.”

“The saleswoman who owned the dog said that it was only in the office because it gets lonely when left by itself at home all day, but because of the way it always barked when it saw me approach the building but never barked at anyone else, I eventually realized after about eight weeks that the staff must have trained the dog to warn them when I was approaching the office.”

“I wanted to know if my staff were doing anything inappropriate while I wasn’t in the office with them, so I had a local IT security firm go in there one night and install monitoring software on the office computer system.”

“I spent the following day watching a video feed of what my staff were doing on their computers. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It looked to me like a cartoon or something at first. There were a bunch of little characters like dwarves and elves running around a castle or something killing dragons and monsters and stuff. The characters all had the same names as my employees so I realized that my staff were playing some sort of game.”

“Worst of all, every time a customer would log onto our website’s live chat support system and ask for help purchasing one of our Pilates courses or anything else, my staff would type stuff like ‘go away I’m on a dungeon raid!’ and then close the chat window and continue playing the game. I was absolutely outraged.”

Mr Brody estimated that the loss in sales had cost Discovery “about forty-thousand pounds” during the time between when the staff started playing the game and when he finally discovered what was happening.

Elder Scrolls Online launched on April 4 2014 for PC and Mac OSX. Versions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be released in June 2014.

7 Weirdest Video Game Merchandise Ever Created

7 Weirdest Video Game Merchandise Ever Created

Resident Evil 4 aftershaveIn the video game industry, it is not enough that the game itself sells. To compliment the game’s profit, developers and companies tend to create merchandising items that will squeeze out more money from their hard work. The usual products that are sold on the market are shirts or toys. However, I discovered that several companies have also released pieces of merchandise that are extremely insane and out of this world. Check my article out to discover the seven weirdest video game items that were ever sold.

1. No More Heroes Toilet Paper

This toilet paper was supposed to be given away during the launch of No More Heroes in Japan. Unfortunately, hardly anyone came to the event, so boxes of this toilet paper were shipped to American journalists who would appreciate this simple gesture.
Each sheet has a specially printed No More Heroes image as well as the wrapper from which it came from. So why did the developers create a toilet paper merchandise, you ask? In the game, the main character Travis Touchdown has a hilarious habit of “touching down” on the toilet seat in order to save his advancement.

2. Resident Evil 4 Aftershave

In order to promote the release of Resident Evil 4, the developers introduced a line of products called “Leon’s collection.” These include a pair of sunglasses, a sleek, brown faux-leather jacket similar to the one that the main character wears, and, a nice big bottle of aftershave.
Although you may not really see this product being sold at the best aftershave sites like this one, it is still a pretty neat, albeit weird, item. I’ve tried this before, and I can say, I felt manlier than Leon Scott Kennedy himself.

3. PlayStation video game controller earrings

Do you have a girlfriend who is also a hardcore gamer? Well, these video game controller earrings will be a perfect gift for her. It’s made from tough acrylic plastic and has a silvertone tie pin with clutch back so it is totally durable.

4. FarmVille Ice cream

When FarmVille was still king of social media gaming, Zynga had a big promotional deal with convenience store 7-Eleven and introduced the FarmVille ice cream. For just $2.99, you will be able to taste a sweet treat made from “natural and artificial” flavors. In addition, each ice cream tub has an item redeem code that you can use when you play the game.

5. Super Mario Brothers Long Stitch

Over the years, the popular Italian plumber Mario has been the face of a lot of Nintendo merchandising products. From shirts, handheld showers, a USB computer mouse, developers have always found something creative to milk the franchise for what it’s worth. However, none is as absurd as this long stitch picture kit. I just think that video games and embroidery don’t work well. Cross-stitching and playing video games are two different activities that have a separate target market so it’s really stupid to combine them both in one item.

6. Konami Dish Cloth

Even if you are a hardcore Metal Gear Solid fan, you would never want to be caught cleaning the dishes with this dish cloth. It has a great, geeky design, but it is totally useless at drying dishes.

7. Dead or Alive Kasumi Squishy Pillow

Even though it’s totally impossible to have a sexy game character as a girlfriend, at least you can experience sleeping with them using this fluffy pillow. Best stress reliever after an intense game of Dead or Alive, don’t you think?

These are just some of the utterly bizarre video game merchandise that I found online. Have you tried them before? If you also know other products that are more baffling than my list, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Get Real with Online Games – The Current State of Online Games

Get Real with Online Games – The Current State of Online Games

I remember a time when online games, especially MMORPGs, kicked a lot of butts. Games like Runescape and Eve Online were at the pinnacle of MMORPGs. Let us not forget other favourites like Counterstrike and Warcraft III. Back then, online games used to stand out AS IS. It’s a game that you can play online. There were no obligations to pay for the game and there was no pressure to win it. Back then, people would simply log in and play. How I wish that online games of today could still be as enjoyable as they were almost a decade ago.

Nowadays, we see just how competitive online games are today. Even mobile games that can be played online via your smartphone have this small hurdle that you can jump over if you pay for a certain feature, like buying in-game currency. Other games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, 2 of the hottest MMORPGs, allow you to buy pets or items using real money. Where’s the justice? What about people who cannot afford or unable to pay for in-game items using real money? Sure, you can have a powerful gaming laptop but it will be useless when it comes to online transactions in a virtual world.
Now, we have to understand that online games, be it on your smartphone or gaming laptop, come in different forms. You have your games based on an F2P or Free-to-Play model, which allows you to play without paying for anything or even pay to get ahead. You have games like Dragon Nest and League of Legends as an example. You have your P2W or Pay-to-Win model, which is an off-shoot of F2P. It’s a game that allows you to play for free, but in order to get ahead you have to pay real money. Games like Aika Online and RF Online are good examples. Lastly, you have your P2P or Pay-to-Play model. This is the opposite of F2P. These games require monthly subscriptions so that you can continue adventuring. They may also share features from the F2W model where you can buy items that add to your character stats using real money. You have World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 as an example. Recent games like Final Fantasy Realm Reborn also follow this model.
What does this say for the current state of online games?
Money is the centre of online games, both virtual and real. You need real money to buy in-game currency and you need in-game currency to sell it for real money. Remember the gold farmers in China that plagued World of Warcraft? That’s kind of like the same thing, and the money to be made in selling in-game currency is very high. Money dictates how online games are being made and played nowadays. Go get your smartphone or tablet and see just how many mobile games will often involve real money for in-game currency or items. Don’t get me wrong. There are people who will spend a few dollars to get ahead and that’s OK, but there are also people who are unable to do so because they are either financially challenged or simply can’t buy it (credit card details or geographic location will affect purchases).
What is happening to online games nowadays is a reflection of society. People with money can get ahead and people who don’t have it are left to struggle.

What Separates Minecraft From The Rest

What Separates Minecraft From The Rest

Minecraft has completely taken the gaming industry by storm without any of the flashy and fancy effects that so many game developers strive to achieve every day. This is a game for both children and adults alike which makes it quite interesting. You won’t see commercials featuring gameplay, or read reviews on how its graphics are the best that a magazine has ever seen. So how is it possible for a game to achieve this level of success without all of the hype that we see for the majority of video games? The answer to that is simple and complex at the same time, the sandbox. This article will talk about how the sandbox game Minecraft has broken sales records in the gaming industry and captivated players of all ages.

The first feature of the game is that there are very low borders to entry. The game itself is $15 and you can start having fun playing on just about any computer. You don’t need the latest gaming hardware to experience the game; you can even use an old laptop as it is very easy to run. There are not advanced graphics or rendering, although that can be added in of course. This brings us to the next feature.
The greatness of Minecraft is derived from the fact that it is a sandbox game which means that players don’t just play the game, but they help create it. There are many different modes of gameplay including survival which allows you to go head to head with monsters such as zombies and creepers. Or there is creative, which gives you all of the tools that the developers used to build the game. In this mode, you can create worlds or functions that will influence how the game plays. Engaging and challenging the human mind in a balance between playing and creating is the factor that sets this apart from many other games. If you don’t like a certain feature of how the game works, just go ahead and change it, then go back to playing. This ability of controlling the feel of the game makes it appeal to users of all levels, from just basic players to advanced programmers. Some people will find themselves never playing the game and just using its tools to build complex and beautiful worlds while others enjoy running around and playing the very simple gametypes that exist across the internet.

Mojang who is the creator of the game does not host the servers for online play. Minecraft server hosts have filled this gap by providing players with a cloud solution for their Minecraft dreams and aspirations. They can purchase a server and build anything they would like inside of it then allow friends to login and play with them. Certain companies have taken this to the next level and created massive worlds where thousands of players log on each day to play in the specific games that they have created. There are endless opportunities for types of games that exist, some being inspired by old school video games, such as Duck Hunt and some being inspired by movies, like Survival Games. It is this wide variety of experiences within the game that gives it infinite replay ability and is concluding to be the most widely played game in the world.

Why You Should Try League of Legends


You may not have heard about it as there aren’t many commercials or advertisements for this wildly popular game, but League of Legends is moving towards being the most widely played game in the entire world. There are a few reason for why we suggest that you should give it a try and are confident in saying that you will have an enjoyable experience. This is a MOBA style game which you more than likely have not played before which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and is a great variation on the real estate strategy concept. If you have played games such as Starcraft or World of Warcraft you will most certainly enjoy this game. Its level of difficulty scales as your experience improves so League of Legends guides are highly recommended to help keep you on top of your game.
The first great aspect of League of Legends is that the game is widely accessible so you and your friends can try it out. The teams are in sizes of 5 members so it will be easy to coordinate with your teammates over voice chat or something similar. Did we mention that the game is also free to play, but not pay to win? This great model allows anyone to give the game a try without feeling like they have to break out their wallet to enjoy the game. All you need is your favorite gaming mouse and you are ready to join the battle. You can jump right into the action with only the assistance of a League of Legends guide to understand more than enough required to participate. The only in game purchases are available to help you improve the appearance of your characters or hasten your leveling up capacity, but is definitely not required to be competitive in the standard matches. If you are a casual or hardcore gamer it is nice being able to test out a game for free while being able to experience every aspect of it, rather than just a small portion which does not reveal the whole game.
Another benefit of playing League of Legends is that it is one of those games that embraces imbalance to create a more full and challenging experience for the game. The problem with perfectly balanced games is that once this balance is established set strategies can be created which take some of the real time problem solving and action out of a game that should be focused on this such as Starcraft. In League of Legends you will find that strategies change every single match with no real set style of play required to be successful. You will notice that you can be effective from any position on any character which brings a sense of complexity to the game, not to mention that there are over 100 different champions to chose from so it is very rare that you will find yourself repeating the same match. This might seem overwhelming but there are many sites that offer guides for League of Legends which will help give you a foundation of understanding of your player to get you started. After that though, you are all on your own to strategize and execute to win games.

Review of Flying Cyrus Game for Both Adults and Kids

Review of Flying Cyrus Game for Both Adults and Kids

Flying Cyrus GameRecently, the most popular game in the world was a delightful game about a struggling bird called Flappy Bird. The game came out in May of 2013 but was mostly overlooked by everyone who is really into playing games on their smart phones or tablets.

However, Flappy Bird really took off in December, and by the first week of February, the game had been taken down by its creator, Dong Nguyen. However, the loss of Flappy Bird opened the door for many clones of the games, including one called Flying Cyrus.

The New Game On Top

Flying Cyrus features the likeness of one of America’s most talented singers, Miley Cyrus. The young singer is on tour right now and her Bangerz tour is considered very controversial because she dresses in skimpy costumes and also rolls around on a fancy gold car with gold car rims (which look a lot like these ones from Finish Line Wheels) while flicking her tongue in and out.

In the Flying Cyrus game, a character that has spiky blond hair on top with brown sides, bright red lips, and a wild flapping tongue, much like the real Miley Cyrus does for every photo opportunity, has to fly through the air while ducking things like swinging metal balls and giant sledge hammers.

Reviews For the Flying Cyrus Game

Now that Flappy Bird is gone, there are many new games that basically copy Flappy Bird, but with various animals like dragons, fish and bees. The Flying Cyrus game is on top right now at the Apple store because of the fact it has the likeness of Miley Cyrus, who is not only make headlines for her Bangerz tour, but also because of her behavior.

There is an old saying about there being no such thing as bad publicity, and that may be the case with the 21-year-old singer. Whether people love Miley Cyrus or hate her, the fact that people are talking about her is enough for the Flying Cyrus game to reach the top of the free game charts.

However, there are both good and bad reviews for the game:

  • What people are saying in praise of the game: The best reviews for the Flying Cyrus game are the fact that it involves Miley Cyrus. Though her antics may involve gold cars with fancy car rims, skimpy costumes, and dance moves that involve a flicking tongue and gyrating hips, people still remember the 21-year-old singer as the lovable Hannah Montana, with her long blonde hair and good singing voice. The idea that Flying Cyrus involves guiding the Miley-like head with flicking tongue is great fun, and there are many positive reviews about how much fun the game truly is. People have posted in their reviews that the game is entertaining, has good graphics, and is a challenge.
  • Others dislike the game, saying that the likeness of Miley Cyrus is described as silly, especially with the flapping tongue, and they claim that the tongue that has helped the singer made headlines makes the game more difficult.

Flying Cyrus is the new Flappy Bird

With Flappy Bird now a thing of the past, the new game that has everyone talking is Flying Cyrus. The game has the head of Miley Cyrus, complete with flicking tongue, trying to dodge obstacles like swinging wrecking balls and huge sledge hammers. While the Flying Cyrus game is number one right now, the fact is that the game has both positive and negative reviews.

How long the Flying Cyrus game will remain on top remains to be seen, but for now, people can enjoy the chance to guide the head of Miley Cyrus through obstacles and just let them have a good time, which is what games are supposed to do.

7 Apps You Should Get For Your New Smartphone

7 Apps You Should Get For Your New Smartphone

There are millions of apps on the World Wide Web that you can download on your smartphone to help you kill time and also to improve its efficiency. Some of them are free and others are premium with extra features while some have both a free and paid for version. We’ve picked a few apps that we think warrant your attention.

1. Hassle Me

This is sort of like a reminder and it helps you get things done especially if you are the forgetful type. It’s layout is pretty simple and its very quick. You can customize it such that it reminds you of your tasks a certain number of times per day. There’s also a notification pop-up in its live tile so all you have to do is glance at it and you’ll be reminded of any pending tasks.

2. Reeder 2

This is an interesting app that lets you keep up with the latest world stories. It pulls stories from different internet sources and you can read as much as you want without being interrupted by advertisements every now and then.

3. Dial a service

This is a great app for people who are looking for services within their local area. It is able to pull up different services from different registered companies in different industries. For instance, if you are looking for a personal injury law firm, a number of reputable and credible firms will appear in the app’s search results. If you are looking for a specific personal injury lawyer in Rhode Island, it will pin point their exact location and also give you an address. This app not only saves time but it gives you access to registered and legitimate businesses.

3. Divvy Up

This is a bill splitting app that includes a quick split option, a tip calculator and you can itemize receipts. There is a free version which does not contain any ads and a premium version which has extra features.

4. Any.Do

This is a planning app that’s simple to use and well designed. There are many planning apps out there but this one really stands out with its text prediction, cloud syncing and sharing capabilities.

5. Umano

This is an app that lets you listen to newspapers online rather than read them. This is a great app for people who are always on the move and reading is not an option. You can listen to extracts from sources like Forbes, Mashable, New Yorker, etc. It’s like listening to a personalized radio station.

6. Sleep talk recorder

45% of adults snore while five percent talk in their sleep. This app records the sounds you make when you are asleep. The good thing about it is that it omits silent intervals.

7. Sleep cycle alarm clock

It calculates the quality and duration of your sleep and keeps track of how it affects your diet and stress impact on that. The alarm helps you start your day when you are refreshed by waking you up in your lightest sleep.

There you have it, the top seven apps you should get for your new smartphone. They are all compatible with Android or iOS smartphones.

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